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Radar Level Measurement


High power, high accuracy RADAR level measurement

Nemesis is a high power, high performance Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave
(FMCW)RADAR for level measurement using sophisticated signal processing techniques.

Nemesis provides accurate, reliable measurement over long measurement ranges
(up to 64m/210ft).
Maintenance is also minimised as Nemesis is a non-contacting radar transmitter with
no moving parts.

Nemesis excels in challenging applications, including those in dirty, coating, crystallising
or corrosive environments. Nemesis is dust, heat and steam resistant, and performs well
in changing temperatures, all conditions that can cause problems for other radar systems.

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Nemesis Radar Options
Choice of three configurations all offering a 64m (210ft) measurement range:

  • Reflector - total beam angle of 6.5º, ideal for long distance, low dielectic coefficient (Dk) or steep angles of repose.
  • Horn - general purpose transducer with 22dB gain and a total of 12º beam angle. Also perfect for higher temperature use.
  • Rod - designed specifically for liquid and slurry level measurement, easy to install and gives superb flat surface results. Total beam angle 20º.


  • Suitable for solids, liquids, and slurries in reactors, with rapid level changes and challenging process conditions
  • Foamy surfaces
  • Atmospheres other than air, or reduced pressure
  • Excels in challenging applications, including those in dirty, coating, crystallising or corrosive environments
  • Dust, heat and steam resistant


تابلوی نمایشگر راداری    An optional controller for Nemesis

    Nemesis can be used with Pulsar's Level Star controller to expand
    capabilities to a wide range of functions including relays for alarm
    or control, data logging and volume measurement.




Radar Level Star is a dedicated controller for Nemesis Radar and can only be used with the Nemesis transducer.

Team the Nemesis transducer with Pulsar's Radar Level Star controller to add on-board programming via Pulsar's straightforward menu-driven configuration.

Radar Level Star has a multi-function display and the control power that comes from six on-board relays that can be set for a wide range of alarm or control functions, for example: high or low level or rate-of-change; or to provide control for equipment such as drives, blowers or valves.

Digital communications with Modbus RTU and Profibus DPV1 and DPV0 protocols are supported by Radar Level Star.

Flow-Tronic , Belgium
Pulsar , UK
SAIV A/S, Norway
Isoil Industria, Italy
Toscano , Spain
Micronics , UK

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