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Water and Environment




Powe point

DUMO Algacleaner

Next generation: algae fighting through ultrasound!

  • Without chemical products.
  • Without maintenance.
  • Surge protected.



Ultrasound is a method that has been known for a long time as a means of fighting Algae. This environmentally friendly method has not yet broken through because the technical and scientifical side of this field have been in a embryonic stadium.

Toscano gives new life to the ultrasound method thanks to the development of a revolutionary new system. Software, specifically designed for this means, makes it possible to design an adapted ultrasound programme for every application.

Fish, water plants and other water dwellers will not experience any negative effects from these ultrasound waves. Depending on the programme also bacteria and single cell diatoms, forming biofilm, will be killed.


  • Algae: irrigation water basins, ponds, swimming ponds, fountains, lakes, drinking-water basins, cooling towers, aquaria…
  • Pathogens: irrigation water basins, cooling towers, air-conditioning, process water…
  • Biofilm: water pipes, filters, high pressure installations, heat exchangers, irrigation hoses and droppers…

Models & Ranges:


Flow-Tronic , Belgium
Pulsar , UK
SAIV A/S, Norway
Isoil Industria, Italy
Toscano , Spain
Micronics , UK

Non-Contact Radar Flow Measurement
Electromagnetic Flowmeters
Ultrasonic Flowmeters(Transit time)
Ultrasonic Flowmeters( Doppler )
Open Channel Measurement
Level Measurement
Pressure Measurement /Pressure Logger
Ultrasond Alga Cleaner

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